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Cornerstone 3 : Revised Edition


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  • Item Code: 5497
  • Item Ref: B060638
  • Author: Brinda Ramesh
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Edition: Revised
  • Isbn : 9789332516540
  • 13 EAN: 9789332516540
  • Cornerstone: Grammar and Composition Skills for 1-8 (Revised) is a grammar series that makes the task of acquiring the basics of grammar an engaging process for young learners. Feedback from users has made this revision more user-friendly and relevant with more exercises to cater to the needs of the modern teacher and learner. This revised series uses application-oriented tasks for teaching grammar and helping learners hone their communication skills. The application of grammar in day-to-day contexts is facilitated through elements such as vocabulary pages to expand and strengthen language conversation practice to build communicative skills composition tasks to improve writing skills and comprehension passages to test literal and evaluative understanding. Teaching notes provide guidelines for classroom teaching and give suggestions for activities that can take learning beyond the confines of the classroom. These books use a wide range of contextualised activities that focus on individual practice and encourage collaborative learning. The books also have graded appendix lists covering a variety of vocabulary and grammar items.

Book specification
Author Brinda Ramesh
Publisher Pearson Education
Edition Revised
Isbn 9789332516540
13 EAN 9789332516540
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